A selection of work created during my employment. XTaster was founded in 2003 as a ‘street teaming’ company. Based in London, they coordinated activity for members around the country: supporting bands and events; providing a platform for young writers, photographers and videographers; working with promoters and all sorts of other pro-active people. The company was dissolved in 2012.
XTaster gave its members the chance to be part of interacting with their favourite bands, get free gig tickets and CDs, meet their heroes; sample new products e.g. mobile phones, games and consoles; published interviews, reviews, photographs and videos taken by its members; they put on gigs, promo events at clubs where the punters would receive freebies; worked with television stations and magazines.
The web banner was used on their website and gave subscribers the option to link it to their own social media pages. Motion PR was a sister company of XTaster that worked with Red Bull Bedroom Jam, a stage at festivals around the UK for unsigned bands. ‘Disco Rejects’ was a club night for teenagers who listened to indie/rock music, to allow them to dance to their favourite songs in a safe club environment.
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