APPAREL AND PACKAGING CONCEPT. Assets created for the Fashion Retail & Communication course at Buckinghamshire College Group. One of the projects set by the course leader involves collaboration. Students are shown a variety of ways how to use digital techniques to create a variety of assets. As an example, I created a collaboration between Uniqlo and The Simpsons.
As Uniqlo is a Japanese company, I wanted to incorporate Mr Sparkle (In Marge We Trust - season 8, episode 22) into a t-shirt design and supporting packaging materials. A repeat pattern was made using Adobe Illustrator and then placed on to a bag template. The gift wrap was also created using a large format printer. The colour of the designs on the supporting packaging is the same red as the Uniqlo logo. The Japanese version of the logo was also added below the neckline on the reverse of the t-shirt.
The text on the front of the t-shirt reads "Power Clean'. This is a change from the text in the episode that contained an animation error. The original reads as 'Hower Clean' and does not make any sense.
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