ADVERTISING CONCEPT. Two illustrated concepts to advertise The Last Of Us Part II on Sony PlayStation 4.
Top: Focusing on two of the main characters from the original game, this one shows Joel and Ellie much older with Joel assuming the role of a mentor. Much has changed since the first game where Ellie has grown into a young adult under the guidance of Joel. Bottom: This design looks more at the main narrative of the game. The guitar is quite prominent in this sequel, as there are a few moments where you can interact with one. Weapons can be picked up from enemies and then used against them. Ellie's character wears Converse shoes in a variety of moments throughout the game.
Released by Sony and developed by Naughty Dog Studios. Created on an iPad Air 2020 using Apple Pencil 2 and Procreate with additional editing and text using Adobe Photoshop and True Grit Texture Supply brushes.
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