As part of our extended diploma program, myself and two other colleagues set up 'Tee Club' as a way of showing students how to create and develop their own line of t-shirt designs. Each student was to design one t-shirt that was limited to one or two colours and then print them up to sell at the academic end of year show.
The logo is based around the idea of print and how this involves the CMYK process. Adding the "crew neck" to the T was a nice little touch to the logo. For multiple orders, a box was made to allow up to 4 t-shirts. This is printed on to card and is 100% recyclable or even as a collectable should the customer want to keep it. The size and name of the design is then written on the side of the pillow box. The t-shirt is rolled up (folded for the box) and includes a sticker and badge of the Tee Club logo.
This was an interesting project as many students liked that they could produce and sell their own t-shirt designs. Some students are looking into this further after college and investing in their own screen printing equipment.
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