ADVERTISING CONCEPT. Top: A colourful advert using a bright yellow background to show the contrast of the blue Nike running shoe. The text was created in Adobe Illustrator using the ‘Sheer’ options. The image of the shoe was acquired via Unsplash and then I used the colour replacement tool in Adobe Photoshop to change it to a blue colour with the yellow background. Levels, dodge and burn were used to create highlights and shadows respectively. The text was duplicated to make it look more 3-Dimensional. I then created a pattern swatch that replicated the look of the grip underneath the shoes. I felt that this was quite fitting with the slogan “Run With Us”. Futura Condensed Bold was used for the text as Nike has used this previously in adverts and is still in use in some areas of their website.
Bottom: This image was taken from an original Nike advertising campaign. I added in the Tick icon but I wanted to give this a neon look to add some colour. As this icon has a motion to it, it sat perfectly within the composition thanks to the movement of the athlete. Using Adobe Illustrator to make a vector of the Tick icon, this was then brought into Adobe Photoshop to apply an inner and outer glow. Parts were then erased to make it look like the athlete was intertwined with the logo.
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