REBRANDING CONCEPT. The concept behind this re-brand is to give Lush a new identity whilst still linking it to their values and beliefs.
The Lush brand prides itself on the products. So many bright colours are used in store that catches the attention of the consumer. This is one of the unique selling points for the company. The logo itself doesn’t have to be over-the-top. Using a simple sans-serif font (Helvetica), the logo is instantly recognisable. With the re-brand, it is about creating an idea that will sit with the current Lush identity. As mentioned previously, those bright colours bring out the vibrancy of the stores. Therefore the products do not need to feature many colours, if any.
Expanding on the Lush colour scheme for its products, black labels can be used to keep with the existing design. White pots could be used for limited edition products. This method of promoting could increase company revenue. The pot labels could alternate between the two chosen icons and the logo itself. The lids could interchange between each other to create a ‘chequerboard’ colour scheme.​​​​​​​
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