Lego - YCN Brief
An adaptation of an old YCN brief to create a campaign for the LEGO Brand that distinguishes LEGO from all the other construction toys in the toy market by highlighting the benefits and points of difference of LEGO rather than the detriments of their competitors.
The focus here was to look at elements such as the Minifig, the licensing that Lego has for existing franchises and the brick itself.
Poster 1 focuses heavily on the Minifig. This is an iconic figure of the Lego brand and showcases the iconic shape.
Poster 2 is heavily lead by the diversity of Lego's licenses. Marvel and DC are shown here to show that two rival brands could potentially be merged into one due to the creator's imagination.
Poster 3 is a simple design of the Minifig hand and 2x4 brick. Two simple elements that make up the look and feel of Lego.
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