COLLABORATION CONCEPT. No Fun Press is a soft goods & speciality items brand based in Toronto, Canada focusing on “comfortable clothes for an uncomfortable world”. Their minimalist approach to screen-printed goods is what I like about them. As Herschel Supply Co. is also one of my favourite brands, I wanted to combine the two together. Herschel’s original backpacks had a very minimalist feel to them. They have since branched out to more colourful designs, but I wanted to fuse these two brands together based on that simple approach.
Using a tutorial to create a repeat pattern using an image and also using the No Fun logo, I applied this to the Settlement backpack and blended this in with the fabric to make it look like it had been screen-printed. Using the nature-feel of Herschel, I used a royalty-free image of a deer skull as a repeat pattern. I was able to layer this up in Photoshop and apply shading to make it look more realistic with the design.
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