PRODUCT DESIGN. Based on an illustration I created in 2016, I wanted to try my hand at making a vinyl-collectable toy. I painted the toy using water-based acrylic paints and Posca pens. With assistance from an old work colleague, a 3D render was made from the original illustration using ZBrush. Once created, the design was adapted for a 3D printer to create the hero model. A mould was then cast using a vinyl resin that was liquefied and then slowly hardened within 30 minutes. Then a 2-part resin was used to make the actual toy. The design was limited to 5 as a test run.
I created the packaging with InDesign. Old tapes cushioned the toy in the box. As cassette tapes are considered a dead format, I kept the packaging black to give it a dark feel. A “Certificate of Authenticity” gives the design a limited edition feel to the overall product. A stamped seal of approval accompanies the reverse of the certificate.
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