Designed using Figma, the app is to help enhance the student experience. Each section is relevant to the students’ respective courses. Students can check their timetable, add print credit for any coursework and also check their emails. The app has been shown to staff and students and has received some great feedback.
I used a questionnaire to gain information from the students about what they would like in an app. These included:
What features do you look for in a phone app?
Usability / design / small file size
If the college had an app, which features would you like to see included? College E-Mail / Notifications / Access to Cloud / ease of contacting tutors / contacting departments
Would you find it easier using an app to be contacted through rather than by a text message from the college?
Would you find the app easier to use if it meant that you wouldn’t need a computer to access college e-mail?
Is there anything that frustrates you about using an app?
What information do you feel you need from the college? Change of classroom/closure due to weather/meetings with tutors/deadline dates etc.
The students liked that information was easily accessible for their courses. Students can also read any news relevant to the college and get involved with upcoming events that may benefit their future careers.
The app can be viewed here.
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